New rear axle assembly

The new rear axle assembly was officially launched

Posted on:2009-05-05 14:01:09

TR 100, tr60, tr50, tr35,3305,3307 rear axle assembly

The axle housing is cast with integral high-quality alloy steel, which has high stiffness, high strength and strong bearing capacity, and is easy to form a beam. The flaw detection meets the standard of GB / t9444-2007. Bearings, brake friction plates and seals are imported parts with reliable quality and not easy to aging. Automatic ring welding is adopted for welding, and the flaw detection meets the standard of GB / t11345-2013. The whole bridge has advanced manufacturing technology, strong bearing capacity, large reduction ratio, impact resistance, optimized design of parts and components and low cost.

Number  Name Load Weight(T) Braking Modes Speedratio BearingTorque(N.m)
1 rear axle assembly 25 drum brake 8.825:1 142106
2 rear axle assembly 32 drum brake 11.475:1 168222
3 rear axle assembly 33 drum brake 14.37:1 209752
4 rear axle assembly 45 drum brake 17.83:1 295960
5 rear axle assembly 55 oil cooled wet brake 21.63:1 454294
6 rear axle assembly 91 oil cooled wet brake 29.7:1 1143450
7 rear axle assembly 95 oil cooled wet brake 29.7:1 1177880

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