DAHAI new mining truck transfer case (PTO)

DAHAI new mining truck transfer case (PTO)

Posted on:2011-04-29 15:12:50

Aiming at the defects of the original mining vehicle transfer case (PTO) shell used in mining vehicles, such as large vibration and easy deformation, high heat and difficult diffusion, it is easy to cause problems such as early damage to bearings and oil seals. In order to solve the above pain points, let the product get better use effect

(New PTO)
For this reason, the new transfer case (PTO) shell we developed adopts three-dimensional mechanical modeling, and more scientifically uses mechanics and heat dissipation optimization, so that the connection surface of the original structure itself increases the load it can bear. Increased strength, improved impact performance, product molds are made of alloy materials.

And adopts the American Ashland pep-set grease sand process. Compared with other resin sand processes, this resin sand has better hardening performance, high temperature strength and retreatability, and the casting accuracy can reach CT9 level. . After pouring, the product is strictly insulated in the sand mold to a temperature below 300 ℃ and out of the box. The residual stress of the product in the as-cast state is small, and the stress-relief annealing is carried out again to completely eliminate the residual stress. Molding sand is selected from 50-100 mesh size and alcohol-based paint is used together, and the surface finish of the casting can reach Ra25. The raw materials are Norwegian Elkem processed alloy and high-purity pig iron. At the same time, it is equipped with German Spectro direct-reading spectrometer, thermal analyzer, non-destructive testing and molding sand experiment and other complete testing equipment, which effectively guarantees the quality control of each link, and the testing rate of molten iron and mechanical properties is 100%.

Through the above technical improvements, both the strength of the product and the NVH performance are improved, especially the durability of the product, which has a positive effect on reducing costs and increasing efficiency for users, and also has practical significance for reducing the maintenance cost of mine trucks. The above are some simple sharing, if we can bring some inspiration and help to everyone, we will be honored!

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