DAHAI's strength

Excellent quality is the bridge to the world. Dahai Heavy Industry is committed to improving quality and continuously meeting customer needs as the driving force for lean manufacturing. From point to surface, from details to the overall situation, from product to management, Dahai Heavy Industry always adheres to the unremitting pursuit of perfection, dares to surpass oneself, steadily enhances brand value, and interprets classics with quality.

Dahai Heavy Industry always aims to produce products that satisfy customers with a high-quality workforce, a scientific management model. We have a high-level skilled talent team with batch production capacity for mining automotive rear axles. We have over 100 sets of various processing equipment, which can process various precision gears, boxes, hydraulic components, shafts and other complex parts. Capable of conducting physical and chemical analysis of raw materials, stretching, twisting, and performance testing, possessing heat treatment capabilities such as carburizing and quenching, and ammoniation. Capable of continuous welding of the rear axle ring, it is one of the few enterprises in China that possesses this technology. The company has advanced equipment such as machining centers, CNC gear shapers, CNC gear grinding, CNC horizontal lathes, CNC vertical lathes, and CNC continuous operation furnaces.





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